roasted watermelon spring rolls

Fresh, bright, fun and colorful just like spring time! These spring rolls taste just as good as they look, I assure you. I had so much fun making these with a friend. We rolled them up, made a pot of

thai inspired veggie burger

Some days I just need a big juicy burger…healthy and vegetarian, preferably! So, I had to make the perfect recipe that was easy, delicious and different and this one definitely checks all of those off the list! Some people are

simple af homemade pickles

Who is a pickle fanatic? Like can never have enough and maybe freak out a little when you run out? (raises hand) I love everything tangy…pickled jalapeños, banana peppers, olives, you name it! So, I thought one day, let me

coocoo-for-tahini granola bars

So I haven’t tried tahini until recently and boy am I glad that I did. Tahini (if you don’t already know) is a condiment made from toasted ground hulled sesame seeds! You will find it a lot in hummus. Its

Dairy-Free Mushroom Wonton Wrapioli

Cashews are so amazing and hold a special place in my heart! Not only are they healthy for your heart, but they have a delicious delicate flavor and are unbelievably versatile. I mean, I use them in all different recipes