Who’s ready for BBQ’s, get-togethers and parties this weekend to celebrate our freedom?!  I know I am and since I can’t enjoy a cold beer (because I am growing a baby inside me) I plan on stuffing my face and enjoying

guacamole zucchini roll-ups

Happy Cinco De Mayo! I have a fun recipe for you that wont pack on a bunch of calories. So, you can eat 10 tacos instead of 5! 😉 But, for real, if you are looking for a lighter and still

family style bean burritos

  Who doesn’t love burritos and who doesn’t love time with the family over a delicious, fun and quick dinner. Melina loves building her own burritos and tacos and being hands on in the kitchen. So, I love to incorporate

strawberry-date sauce

This strawberry date sauce is the perfect topping for anything that just needs a little extra sweetness or excitement. Add it to anything from waffles, ice cream, smoothies, oats, pancakes, a finger…you get the point. With just only 3 ingredients, why

roasted watermelon spring rolls

Fresh, bright, fun and colorful just like spring time! These spring rolls taste just as good as they look, I assure you. I had so much fun making these with a friend. We rolled them up, made a pot of